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Most audiences love a movie that makes you think and brings out different emotions, taking you along the same journey as the characters on the big-screen. These types of cinema experiences are unforgettable for most audiences, and this is even more the case when considering the Horror genre. By incorporating everyday life into these scary stories, the movie allows the audience to feel that the terrifying scenarios they see on the big-screen could be a possibility in their own lives; making the story all that more terrifying once they have left the theatres!

So, when incredible directors of the Horror genre adopt the element of ‘found-footage’ as the premise of their stories, audiences get a seemingly ‘first-hand’ insight into the life of a character in the movie. I mean, we all remember our first experience with ‘found-footage’ movies and the thrill it gave us. For me, it was The Blair Witch Project and trust me when I say, I didn’t go into the woods with my friends for almost 2 years afterwards. This movie was pretty believable for audiences at the time (or maybe I was just too naive, who knows!). Whatever your nostalgic movie may be, when it comes to ‘found-footage’ Horror movies, you never forget the one that scared the sh*t out of you the first time you watched it!

So if you’re as nostalgic as I am, and you love the supernatural take on ‘found-footage’ horror movies, then I’ve got you covered, with this awesome list of the top 5 movies in this genre with a supernatural element that you really need to watch!

The Ring (2002)

The Ring 2002

In 2002, audiences were terrified beyond belief when the legend of the cursed videotape entered their lives for the first time. The plot follows a cursed videotape with the legend that if you watch it, you only have 7 days left to live afterwards. The Ring was honestly the scariest movie ever in 2002 and we learned that if a horror movie is coming to theatres and it’s a remake of a Japanese original, then you better buckle yourself in for the scare of a lifetime!

The Ring was a huge production, and with music from Hans Zimmer, we already knew it was already that it would be a huge success once it reached cinema audiences. However, the success of The Ring skyrocketed because of the realness of the movie. Provided to audiences by the element of found-footage on a cursed videotape. Early 2000s internet-trolls were freaking the public out by emailing images of The Ring ‘symbol’ for weeks after the movie hit theatres. Even 18 years later and The Ring is still one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.

So if you haven’t seen this movie, I am genuinely surprised – maybe you weren’t born yet or maybe you just never got around to it. Whatever the reason, I highly recommend that you make time to scare the sh*t out of yourself and watch this awesome horror!

Trollhunter (2010)

Trollhunter norweigan found footage movie

Trollhunter is a prime example of why you should be watching more foreign films. This Norweigan movie is based on the concept of found footage but with a mockumentary twist. A lot of folklore in Scandinavia surrounds the idea of trolls. Trollhunter taps into this mythically cultural aspect of Norway.

The movie follows the story of college students making a documentary about a suspected bear poacher in the area. However, what they uncover is truly more horrifying than poaching. The movie is awesome and the mockumentary element to an already incredible found-footage concept really is the cherry on top, and Trollhunter goes from strength to strength as the story comes to a close.

The movie was a huge success in Norway and gradually made its way across the world, with The New York Times claiming that it was both a clever and engaging movie. So honestly, if you’re looking for an awesome movie filled with folklore and supernatural elements, then check out Trollhunter!

V/H/S (2012)

VHS 2012

If you’ve seen V/H/S, you’ll know that this movie is like nothing audiences have ever seen before. Obviously, audiences are familiar with found-footage and jumpy scenes, but when it comes to V/H/S, the director really took this concept to the next level back in 2012. Audiences now have the viewpoint of someone who is watching the handheld footage of burglars who find a bunch of VHS tapes. Each of the tapes are scarier than the next, and honestly, you can’t prepare yourself enough for the jumps and freaky concepts that await you in this movie. V/H/S will leave you feeling strange and definitely creeped out.

I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen V/H/S, and you’re looking for a movie with a found-footage edge but also has something different, then grab your popcorn and get ready to be freaked out!

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity Found footage

In 2007, the found-footage genre changed forever with the release of Paranormal Activity. Created on a tiny budget, it became an instant success and audiences around the world became terrified of the concept of being possessed in their own home. Paranormal Activity follows the lives of Katie and Mika who start to hear and notice things ‘go bump in the night’, in their home. In a bid to find out what is happening, they set up cameras around the house. Let’s just say, they definitely weren’t expecting to see the footage caught from their home experiment.

Paranormal Activity left audiences totally freaked out, as the found-footage element enabled people to feel that this could be a possibility in real life. The best part about this movie is that Paranormal Activity doesn’t take place in a cursed crypt or a cabin in the woods, but in an innocent young couple’s home. If you haven’t seen Paranormal Activity then it’s definitely a found-footage movie that you seriously need to consider watching!

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project scene

If you love found-footage horrors, then you need to pay tribute to The Blair Witch Project. The incredible (and freaky as f*ck) movie that kick-started this entire genre back in 1999. The Blair Witch Project was the first globally mainstream found-footage horror movie that entered the nightmares of audiences around the world. They created the movie as a result of the fake local folklore of The Curse of the Blair Witch that was fabricated by the film’s curators.

The movie follows a group of film students who enter the local woods to find the truth about The Blair Witch, while documenting their journey the entire way. Honestly, The Blair Witch Project is freaky and the movie is still incredibly popular, being known as one of the scariest found-footage movies of all time. So if that doesn’t make you want to jump in front of the TV and start watching this awesome movie, I don’t know what will!

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