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Netflix has significantly ramped up audience experiences to new heights with the re-introduction of Sensory Horror films over the last few years. This epic genre ensnares the senses of the audience to provoke feelings of anxiousness and unease. In my opinion, allowing the viewers to connect more strongly with the emotional journey of the characters while they battle through their problems on-screen.

By eliminating one or more senses on-screen, the director can draw fear from the audience, as reduced senses is so unusual for mainstream movies. It also allows the audience to become so much more aware of their surrounding and habits that require one of our core senses during the movie. This alone creates an eery, uncomfortable tone and feeling that we as an audience aren’t necessarily used to. A sensory horror movie really captivates us into the story at hand. So if you love to engross yourself in what you are watching, and connect with the characters, then you’ll probably love our list of the best sensory horrors to watch on Netflix right now.

A Quiet Place – a sensory masterpiece 

A quiet place sensory horror

Honestly, I can’t recommend this movie enough. As a huge fan of the US Office show, I absolutely love John Krasinski. No offence to him on any level, but I never in a million years would think Jim Halpert would contribute to one of the best sensory movies of all-time.

A Quiet Place focuses on the lives of a family trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. A world that has now been inhabited by blind aliens that prey on anything that makes noise. With even the tiniest of sounds provoking an attack, the family need to remain silent to survive this scary unfamiliar world. John Krasinski stars opposite his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, as she battles the trouble of being pregnant and giving birth while remaining completely silent. A Quiet Place also offers something that we have never seen before in a Sensory Horror: disability as a ‘superpower’. Their teenage daughter is deaf. She is used to silence and the family already know how to speak in Sign Language. There’s way more to this, but I don’t want to give spoilers!

The movie is incredibly tense from the very beginning. Even the sound of a can hitting the floor will make you feel uneasy and definitely uncomfortable. Like I said, I can’t recommend this movie enough, if you do just one thing today – watch this movie!

Don’t Breathe – A not so easy target

Don't breathe blind person horror

If you’re in the mood to be on the edge of your seat, feeling uneasy and ready to jump at any minute then you should probably check out this movie. Don’t Breathe centers around three young adults who become trapped in a house that they intended to rob. Although you laugh at the irony at first and you feel bad for the old man and his house that they are in, you soon realise that not all is as it seems. You quickly decide you’re on ‘Team Intruders’ for this one!

If it’s one thing you’ll learn from Don’t Breathe, is that you should never steal from anyone’s home (that goes without saying). But you never know who you’ll find living there, and it’s especially bad if that person is a crazy-resilient veteran of war. If you’ve never seen a sensory horror before then Don’t Breathe is definitely a delightful place to start! Get your popcorn ready and mentally prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Not only is Don’t breathe a unique sensory movie but also a an extraordinary horror movie. With a debut like the remake of “Evil Dead”, followed by “Don’t Breathe” director Fede Alvarez is now one to look out for. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! This movie is a total gem and a must watch for all horror fanatics out there.

Hush – Disability or advantage?

Hust Netflix Horror

Hush is a bit different to other sensory movies that I’ve seen on Netflix. It follows Maddie, a young woman unable to hear or speak after suffering from bacterial meningitis at a young age. She realises that she’s being hunted by a man outside her home (in the middle of the woods, naturally) who seems to stalk her for sport. Maddie’s resilience and skills make for a seemingly even match between herself and the psychopath stalking her outside her windows.

This movie is very jumpy, and highly creepy, but it always feels like you’re rooting for Maddie. Soon we realise she’s not as helpless as she may appear. Hush is an awesome sensory horror that will absolutely have you engrossed from the very beginning as it shows that physical disabilities have no reason to impact your resilience and will. The question is, will it be enough against this type of psychopath?

Bird Box – A blind journey

Bird Box netflix movie

Bird Box is just excellent, if you’ve seen it then you already know and if you haven’t then you should watch it today, or as soon as possible. The movie stars Sandra Bullock as she battles through a post-apocalyptic world to get to a safe-zone. Although this sounds like the premise of nearly every single zombie movie ever, Bird Box focuses on a strange alien entity that will make you kill yourself if you see it. It sounds a bit like The Happening from 2008, but Bird Box is genuinely unique in its plot. It quickly became a hugely successful Netflix movie. Sandra Bullock overcomes major obstacles in this alternative world as she tries to head for a safe-zone that she had heard about. All while wearing a blindfold and escorting two small children who don’t really understand what’s going on.

Bird Box will have you on the edge of your seat, or behind your pillow, depending on how you react to the super tense tones and eerie scenes in this movie. If you haven’t seen Bird Box, put it on your “things to do during Covid-19 isolation” list right now!

The Silence – Sound familiar? 

The Silence Netflix horror

Too many bad movies started with ‘The’, but for The Silence, you can be the judge. This movie initially got a bad rap as an imitation of the hugely successful movie, A Quiet Place. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

The Silence is a pretty good movie. It could’ve definitely been better in terms of scope, and that’s reflected in the reviews it received upon its release. The Silence follows the life of a family trying to survive during an epidemic of mutant pterodactyl lookalikes that were released from a cave after centuries of isolation. These creatures gruesomely attack anything that makes noise, so silence is of the essence for this family.

Some people had an issue with the plot (I thought it was good). The use of reduced senses to create a tense environment was definitely very successful in The Silence. I would recommend that you watch it, just to check it out and see for yourself. See if it deserves the reviews it received or if it was actually so much better than what it’s receiving. I for one thought the movie was thrilling, and it offered an enjoyable ride. But no, it will probably not go down in history as a masterpiece.

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