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We all love the major Hollywood blockbusters and the hilarious yet predictable Rom-Coms that we see advertised every year by huge studios like Universal and Warner Bros. Although these movies can be pretty good (and sometimes terrible), at this stage many of the plots seem to be copycats of previously successful movies. So I guess sometimes the story doesn’t feel genuine enough for it to be truly romantic. Or even evoke actual emotions while watching it on the big-screen. Maybe it’s because we know that Ryan Reynolds married in real life or that Drew Barrymore is always in Adam Sandler movies.

Whatever the case, seeing the same big Hollywood casts over and over in the Rom-Com genre takes away from the love aspect of the story. However, with smaller, independent productions, you’ll find that a lot of their efforts are towards making the story as real and emotion-filled as possible. This is often why I recommend Foreign Films so much. The raw emotion that you can feel when watching these independent movies is something that you’ll never get from Hollywood.

So if you’ve never seen a foreign film and you don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered with this awesome list of the 5 Best Romantic Foreign Films to get you started!

Amour (2012)

Amour a unique romantic movie

Amour was co-produced by Austrian, German and French companies. Together they created a beautiful story of long-lasting love in a real life setting. All I can say is, if you cry during movies, whether it’s for sadness or happiness, you will 100% cry during Amour. This movie is absolutely incredible and it will bring out real raw emotion in you when you watch it for the first time.

Amour follows the lives of a French couple in their 80s as they live day to day, nearing the end of their lives. For some people, this might sound a bit boring for a movie of choice. However, this movie shows you how deep love is. Especially when it lasts for a couple in their 80s as they battle the scarier aspects of getting older such as strokes and dementia. Trust me, if you feel like you need a good cry and you want to feel warm inside knowing that you’ll be with your partner when you’re old and grey, then definitely give Amour a watch. The movie has won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film among many other awards, so again, I highly recommend you give it a watch!

Amelie (2001)

Amelie Forgeing romantic movie

Amelie is an incredible movie that will pull at your heartstrings the entire way through. The movie focuses on Amelie, a young woman who is the embodiment of joy and love. As she tries to bring other’s happiness, she also begins to find love of her own. It might sound like a soppy story that people rarely steer towards anymore, but this French movie is absolutely amazing. And for this reason, it has won many international awards for best movie.

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet brings to life the essence of what real everyday life happiness looks like. To be honest, it’s very refreshing. Resulting in a warm welcome by audiences around the world. This reflects just how different Amelie is from the usual Hollywood style of romance or typical rom-com movies that they seem to pump out every year. I can’t recommend Amelie enough and if you love a heartfelt story, then I guarantee you will love this movie too!

Chico & Rita (2010)

Chico and Rita animated foreign film

This movie is definitely very different to anything else on this list. Chico & Rita has won many awards and also got nominated for the Best Animated Feature at the 84th Academy Awards. If you’re looking for a whirlwind romance with a bit of world travelling thrown in, then you’ll definitely be on the edge of your seat with Chico & Rita.

This awesome movie follows the lives of (you guessed it), Chico and Rita; two musicians who fall hopelessly in love with each other while sharing a love of music. Chico and Rita is intense and its characters animated, which is one thing I absolutely love about it. Romance movies can, in some cases, take a pretty slow pace unless they’re the typical Hollywood Rom-Coms. However with Chico and Rita, you’ll feel the fast pace love of these two musicians who are wild at heart and a passion for life as well as each other. Chico & Rita is an excellent Spanish movie and if you have never seen a romantic foreign film before, this is a great one to start with!

Like Water For Chocolate (1992)

Like water for chocolate

When Like Water For Chocolate entered theatres in 1992, it unexpectedly became the highest grossing Spanish language movie in the US upon its release. This Mexican movie is based on the novel by the same name written in 1989. The story was such a huge success that filmmakers pushed for this story to make it to the big-screen.

Like Water For Chocolate follows the story of Tita, a young Mexican woman during the early 1900s as she tackles her everyday life, finding both love and heartbreak along the way. Like Water For Chocolate is as dramatic as it is romantic, which I feel makes for a wild ride but also an excellent story of love and real life hurdles during the 1900s Mexico. If you’re looking for a laugh, strong heartfelt scenes and a storyline that will have you on the edge of your seat, then I recommend you watch Like Water For Chocolate!

Somersault (2004)

Somersault coming-of-age flick

In 2004, this incredible independent Australian movie cleaned up at award ceremonies around the world. Somersault has now won over 13 awards to date. Mostly for its refreshing take on real life, society’s concept of human love and what defines sexuality.

The story highlights themes of teenage angst, promiscuity and passion as it follows 16-year-old Heidi. She’s an Australian girl living in Canberra who flees her city for a small rural town in New South Wales after a family argument. Somersault is honestly one of the best coming-of-age independent movies you can watch. It shines such a powerful light on society and perspectives of sexual youth exploring who they really are. The movie is absolutely amazing. It has even received an award for its awesome soundtrack. I honestly can’t fault Somersault, so if you feel like watching something with a bit of edge, I recommend this movie!

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