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Many movies never get a theatrical release, get picked up from Netflix or have a star that makes its worldwide promotion easy. There is a sea of unknown horror gems out there, and to my horror I have no one to talk to about them – because so few people come across these masterpieces.

So, this won’t be the obvious top 5 list including new movies like The Invisible Man, The Platform or The Hunt (Which are all great movies and you should definitely watch them!) I search for hours every week to find horror movies I haven’t seen. Instead of letting you go through the same pain, I did the work for you. Here is a list of 5 awesome new horror movies that you probably HAVE NOT seen. Grab your movie snacks and get ready for an epic horror movie marathon!

The Lodge (2020)

The lodge horror movie

Director duo Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz are now ones to look out for! Breakthrough movie Goodnight Mommy was a horror masterpiece and The Lodge was just as brilliant. Their play with the parent-child relationship is evident in both movies, and also equally heinous. I absolutely loved The Lodge, watching it gave me the wow-feeling, a scarce feeling, especially in the world of horror movies.

Six months after their mother’s devastating suicide, Aiden and Mia are persuaded to spend Christmas out in the woods with their dad and his new girlfriend, Grace. Convinced this new girlfriend is the cause of their mother’s suicide, the siblings are far from enthusiastic.

Grace brings an interesting past of her own. She is the lone survivor of a cult-ordered mass suicide, led by her father. It also happens to be how she met the two siblings’ father Richard, who as an investigative writer uncovered the cult story. We are – and the siblings are – naturally skeptic. With such a traumatic past Grace surely must bring some demons of her own, or? Luckily, they have time to get to know each other better when the dad has to go back to the city for a couple of days, leaving his kids in Grace’s care. And so the nightmare begins.

I See You (2019)

I see you 2019 horror movie

No offense to either the writer or director of I See You, but I really wasn’t expecting what turned out to be a brilliant thriller/horror story based on their resumes. Starting his directing career with ‘iBoy’ and ‘Level Up’ Adam Randall certainly didn’t make my list of directors to keep track of. And first time writer Devon Greye, previously known for playing the teenage version of ‘Dexter’ my hopes were about equally as high. But oh-boy was I wrong, and my low expectations probably only added to the wow-factor that emerged from this movie.

I see you follows the dysfunctional Harper family as strange occurrences start to plague them. Greg, a small town detective investigating the case of a missing boy while also dealing with the aftermath of finding out his wife was unfaithful. Jackie, the wife and mother who is desperately trying to win back the love lost by her husband and son after her deceitfulness. Connor, the son disappearing in the cracks of his parents dysfunction.

And then there’s the missing boys. 15 years prior a man was sent to jail for the notorious child murders that plagued the town. Now, 15 years later it’s happening again. A copycat case or was someone wrongfully convicted? And what does the missing boy have to do with the strange things happening inside of the Harper family’s home?

The suspense fueled even further by the divided family. The communication that could help them figure things out is nowhere to be found, and so we follow the story clueless. And what unfolds is just truly epic!

Villains (2019)

Villains 2019 horror movie

It’s not the first time director duo Dan Berk and Robert Olsen play with the concept of a robbery gone wrong. But unlike their previous movie “Body” – Villains is actually awesome. They finally got it right, combining horror, weirdness and amazing dialogue throughout. The movie has received a lot of harsh critique, and I personally don’t get it. I absolutely loved this movie.

At the heart of the movie “Villains” we see Mickey (Bill Skarsgard) and Jules (Maika Monroe), whose criminal genius is a bout that of a goldfish. The odd but adorable and likable couple are no masterminds, even forgetting to put gas in their getaway car after robbing a gas station. This stupidity results in them being stranded, “forcing” the love-birds to break into a nearby house. But the house owners are no ordinary people, and some dirty secrets start to appear. Much like in the movie Don’t Breath, the tables are turned and we wonder who the actual villains are.

Haunt (2019)

Haunt Epic horror movie

From the creators of The Quiet Place comes Haunt. While John Krasinski was working on directing the upcoming sequel for A Quiet Place, writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were hard at work directing their own movie – Haunt. A just a brilliant, creepy and suspense filled horror movie! After having seen an uncountable amount of haunted house/escape room movies, I’ll admit that the plot is not very special – but the execution is! The movie unfortunately didn’t receive the attention it deserved without a theatrical release. ‘

A group of friends celebrating Halloween come across a “haunted house experience” promising them a fright like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. Soon the mayhem unfolds, with awesome brutality, tension and gore. The teenagers soon realize they’re perhaps getting more than they asked for. But is it too late to back out?

The Lighthouse (2019)

The lighthouse 2020

Director Robert Eggers follows up after his debut “The Witch” with yet another masterful, weird horror movie. I don’t really understand the stylistic choices in the movie, such as it being in a 1:19:1 aspect ratio. I was really hoping a big moment would eventually cause the aspect to widen, but (spoiler alert) that never happened. However, the story is excellent! There are so many breadcrumbs in this movie, mythology combined with mood to set the tone and keep us wondering.

The Lighthouse takes us to 1890’s Maine. We follow a lighthouse keeper, Thomas Wake and his newest employee Ephraim Winslow (for the sake of keeping things simple). Isolated together on a tiny little lighthouse island. A storm cuts them off from civilization. What supposed to be just a couple weeks’ work has suddenly been very much extended. Tension rises between them and a power play starts emerging. Isolation, frustration and possibly supernatural forces make Ephraim see strange things. Is he going mad, is Thomas making him mad, or does the ocean hold unknown forces?

The chemistry between Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson is so intense. Loaded with sexual tension, lust, anger and disgust – all at once. The movie is a slow burner, and you’ll definitely find yourself asking where it will go. But just hang in there, you will slowly but surely get sucked into the madness that is The Lighthouse.

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