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Although rom-coms and action-packed thrillers have taken over mainstream cinema over the last few years, you’re always guaranteed to find a gem when searching for an indie dark-comedy! Some of the best pieces of cinema have fallen under the dark comedy genre, and for all the right reasons.

If you’re a lover of a great dark comedy, then I’m sure you’ve probably found yourself quoting a line from Fargo or one of the many Coen Brothers movies. So whether you’re a total “smoothie, smoothie” or you just have excellent taste in movies, I’ve made this list to get you started with a binge on the Top 5 quirky indie dark comedies!

Seven Psychopaths – A unique take on dark comedy films

Seven Psychopats black comedy movie

In 2012, Seven Psychopaths hit cinemas and audiences were blown away by this hilarious, blood-splattered dark comedy. An unbelievably creative storyline and an even more stellar cast. The movie’s Writer and Director, Martin McDonagh, is no stranger to violence, as audiences have seen from In Bruges, and Seven Psychopaths is no different. Along with quirky characters (shout-out to Woody Harrelson’s character, Charlie and his missing dog!) the director continuously introduces the audience to insights into what appears to be ‘genuine’ aggression and its real-life consequences. This is such a unique take on dark comedy films, which makes Seven Psychopaths so refreshing and enjoyable.

As an audience we witness extremely over-the-top (completely hilarious) scenes of violence. It shows how the director feels that movies often over-use gory and violent scenes (that’s you, Tarantino!). From scene to scene of hilarious, quirky dialogue and even stranger characters, Seven Psychopaths teaches the audience the lesson that: although the movie is chaotic and violent, it’s really a tale of friendship and loyalty. Plus, now we all know that “you can’t kill animals in movies, just the women!”. So, trust me when I say that Seven Psychopaths is an absolute must-watch if you’re looking for an excellent, hilarious indie dark comedy!

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What We Do In The Shadows – The quirkiest independent dark comedy movie

What we do in the shadows black comedy movie

Honestly, if you haven’t watched What We Do In The Shadows by now, you need to sort out your priorities! Hit play on your streaming service (I will assume in most cases, it’s probably Netflix). What We Do In The Shadows is one of the best indie dark comedies of all time. This sounds like a bold statement, I know. However, if you watch this epic movie, you’ll (probably) totally agree with me! In 2014, this New Zealand-made mockumentary-horror style indie dark comedy came into our lives.

As Taika Waititi was directing this movie, I already expected it to be funny and quirky to say the least. This was definitely all true when What We Do In The Shadows made it to cinema audiences. The movie centres around 4 vampire roommates who share an apartment in Wellington, New Zealand. The plot itself is already pretty ‘out there’, but that’s just what I expected from the brilliantly funny, Taika Waititi. The vampires are all from different time periods ranging from 8,000 years old to just a youthful 183 years old. Each have their own freaky personality to match. I definitely can’t recommend this movie enough! If you’re in the mood for belly-aching laughter and super-strange scenarios, then make some time in your day for What We Do In The Shadows. It won’t disappoint, I promise!

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O Brother, Where Art Thou? – A dark and funny journey of morality

O Brother, Where Art Thou binge worthy list

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? is a crazy story that follows the path of 3 prisoners who’ve escaped from a Mississippi prison in 1937. As the Coen Brothers are naturals when it comes to creating amazing dark comedies, we were expecting something big. With the 2000 release of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? were we disappointed? Absolutely not!

This unusual modern take on Homer’s Odyssey (with a pinch of The Great Depression era-America), is everything we didn’t know that we needed. Within this weird story, the audience is taken on a journey of morality. We’re taught that you “do not seek the treasure!”. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Is completely wacky, hilarious and pulls at your heart-string. In my opinion, that’s the making of a perfect movie (and it’s got George Clooney too!). So, If you “hate cows, worse than coppers!” and need a bizarre storyline and a thrilling cast, then definitely, definitely, definitely consider Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? for your next indie dark comedy fix!

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Fargo – All time Coen Brothers favourite 

Fargo as twisted and funny as they come

Another amazing classic from the Coen Brothers (I told you they were naturals of dark comedy!), Fargo is one of the most popular of their movies so far. Released all the way back in 1996, Fargo is still a much-loved dark comedy. Definitely one to have on your list when binge watching some serious classics! This movie was so awesome that it received seven nominations for Academy Awards in 1996 including an award for best original screenplay.

The scenery is one of the most compelling aspects of Fargo, after the exceptional storyline and stellar all-star cast. Within this true-crime story, the Minnesota landscape experimented with heavily. Thought to have been a strong reflection of the Coen Brothers upbringing, as this is their home state. It makes sense, when you think about the off-beat nature of the Coen Brothers movies and just how well Fargo fits into this mold.

If you haven’t seen Fargo yet, I’m honestly really surprised – but jealous – as there’s nothing like the first time you watch this movie. So get the snacks ready and settle in for an amazing 98 minutes of what I think is probably the Coen Brothers best movie!

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The Lobster – bizarre, brutal and brilliant! 

The Lobster indie comedy

Colin Farrel is no stranger to an awesome dark comedy. He knocked it out of the park with incredibly witty and bizzare performances In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. In The Lobster we see him create the same kind of hilarious chaos. Set in a totally bizarre universe where single people are given just 45 days to find a romantic partner. If they don’t succeed in this timeframe, they turn into animals. Although this might sound like an absurd and unrealistic plot, they fill the movie with relatable scenarios that provokes real emotion for people looking for companionship and love in the real world.

It’s a wild ride for Colin Farrel’s character, David, but does he succeed in finding real love after his new divorce? The answer is totally worth the wild ride that you experience when watching The Lobster. The movie was so unique and alluring that it received a huge number of nominations for independent film festival awards. It also claimed multiple awards at many ceremonies. Honestly, if you’re a fan of Colin Farrel and you’re looking for a plot that’s a bit ‘out there’, then you should add The Lobster to your dark comedy binge list!

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